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Why select Orr Kerr Dykes Financial Services Ltd?

  1. Chartered Financial Planner status – we have been established for over 30 years and are proud to hold the distinction of Chartered Financial Planners as awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII.) Chartered status is the industry's gold standard for firms of financial planners and is held by less than 20% of firms in the UK.

    The prestigious Chartered designation is only given to organisations that are able to demonstrate outstanding levels of qualifications, knowledge and ethical good practice on an ongoing basis.
  2. Solutions not sales – we are not a sales organisation and we do not exist to sell you something. None of the directors or employees of OKDFS have sales targets to meet. We provide professional initial and ongoing advice and servicing to you and we will give you the advice which best suits your needs, irrespective of whether or not that advice results in a product sale.
  3. Over 90% of our business is through existing client recommendations – we do not advertise for clients and instead rely on recommendations to increase our business. Many of our clients have been with us for more than 20 years and are delighted with the initial and ongoing service we provide.
  4. Each client report and recommendation is unique – you will not receive a 64 page recommendation report from us that has been created by inserting your details into a computer program and pressing some buttons. Any report or recommendation we make will be personally constructed by one or more of our directors and will be specific to you and your circumstances.
  5. Personal service at all times – we feel it is important that every member of our team understands and appreciates the needs of each client. Our clients have access to each of our directors and sales support staff, all of whom will be aware of your particular case. Our client feedback shows that this collective responsibility is something they value highly.
  6. Diversified client base – we provide independent financial advice to a number of employers and individual clients from all walks of life. Our years of experience with these clients have helped shape, refine and improve our proposition to them and to new clients.
  7. Broad range of expertise – All of the directors of OKDFS have worked in financial services for all of their working lives and pride themselves on the expertise and advice they provide to clients in a wide range of areas. You can be assured that whatever your financial planning needs are, we will have experience of providing advice and assistance to other clients with similar requirements.
  8. We fully research all new product solutions and refuse to recommend anything we do not completely understand – We are painstaking in our research and pride ourselves on our technical expertise. If we don’t understand the full workings of a product or if it just seems too good to be true, then we will not recommend it to you. This has reaped benefits for our clients over the years who have not been exposed to a number of contracts or companies which have failed.
  9. The cost of our advice and services has always been clear – The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) came into force with effect from 1st January 2013. One of the provisions of the Review was that the cost of advice was made transparent and unbundled from any product sale. OKDFS welcomed this market-wide review as we have always operated a transparent pricing policy and our advice process has never been influenced by the level of remuneration we could receive in respect of any policies we arranged for clients. The costs for our services were not increased in any way due to the RDR.
  10. Fair and reasonable remuneration – we agree our remuneration with you prior to commencing any work and it is your choice as to the method of payment. This can either be by fee or an adviser charge depending on the nature of the work involved. Where our advice leads to an investment or retirement product being arranged, our costs that we have agreed with you can be facilitated by the product provider in most cases and paid to us as a deduction from your funds. We may also be paid commission on any protection products we arrange. The costs for you to engage us to act on your behalf will always be disclosed and agreed with you.